Fotona LightWalker Hard Tissue Laser

Technology for efficacy and safety

-Fast efficient cutting with unmatched patient comfort – With the advent of QSP technology and higher output power (several kW), the LightWalker ATS has established a new standard for ablation/cutting speed. This new accelerated cutting speed provides today’s dentists with the speed and precision they demand, while simultaneously increasing patient comfort

Supreme Clinical Results

Shorter and More Effective Treatments – With LightWalker, procedures are typically shorter, easier to perform and more effective. Laser treatments are by nature minimally invasive, and LightWalker takes this concept to a new level.

Patient Comfort
Working with LightWalker is less stressful for the patient because pain and bleeding are minimal if any. LightWalker lasers are so gentle for cavity preparations and most soft-tissue procedures that patients rarely require any anesthetic. Laser light allows you to work in a non-contact way and without drilling noise, which is far more comfortable for patients. LightWalker also allows you to achieve simultaneous disinfection and prevention of cross-contamination.
Fotona Hard Tissue Laser