Tooth Extraction Dubai

In many cases you will be able to save a tooth despite damage or decay, solving whatever problem you may be suffering from with a filling, crown, or other dental procedure. However, in some cases the only recourse is to remove the tooth.

After a tooth extraction, it’s very important to follow aftercare instructions in order to reduce your risk of complications. Proper care after a surgical tooth extraction includes changing your gauze pads often, avoiding smoking or eating hard foods, keeping your mouth clean by washing with salt water, and relaxing. It’s important to take it easy and remember to keep your head elevated to reduce bleeding.

Tooth Extraction

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We are committed to making your tooth extraction as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We focus on creating a positive environment within our office because we know that an optimistic outlook generates a better result and more comfortable experience for each of our clients. We also take the time to make sure all of your tooth extraction questions are answered to help reduce your anxiety.

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