Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment or Endodontic Therapy treats the inside of the tooth. This treatment becomes necessary when decay of the teeth (cavities) is left untreated or when the infection reaches the pulp and pulp becomes inflamed or infected.

In simple terms, RCT is the elimination of the infected soft tissue within the tooth and is restored by an artificial inert “filling” material.

Root Canal Treatment

Cause of tooth decay or pulp damage:

The most common causes of tooth decay or pulp damage are:

If the decayed tooth or infected pulp is left infected then the pus can build up at the root tip in the jawbone and forms an abscess, which can destroy the bone covering the teeth and causes a lot of pain in the area

Why choose us?

It’s probably a myth that RCT is a painful procedure. The reasons why to choose us for RCT are as follows:-

After the treatment, the restored tooth can last for lifetime with proper care.

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