Occlusion in Motion

OccluSense allows to visualize the entire temporal jaw movement sequence.
OccluSense records the occlusal contacts during the slide of the mandible from the initial contact to the maximal intercuspal position over the entire course of time.

Technology - The Occlusense Sensor

The OccluSense sensor is a 60μm thin color coated foil with a printed circuit containing 1018 pressure sensitive pixels which are able to capture 256 levels of pressure. The thin and flexible sensor is able to record occlusal contacts with a low pressure as well as occlusal contacts during dynamic movements of the jaw.

As the sensor is color coated, the exact contact points will be marked on the patient’s teeth additionally. OccluSense is being used like a traditional articulating paper or occlusion test foil but enables the dentist to evaluate the masticatory pressure from the first contact to the maximum intercuspation.