Dental Hygiene/Teeth Cleaning

The practice of family and general dentistry is preventive. A large part of your preventive oral hygiene routine is biannual checkups and cleanings at our clinic. For every member of your family, these visits will include a professional teeth cleaning along with a thorough dental examination.

Some visits will include x-rays to detect tooth decay. In your children’s dentistry visits, fluoride or dental sealants may also be used to help protect and strengthen younger teeth. Each visit is completely tailored to meet the unique needs of every member of your family.

Dental Hygiene/Teeth Cleaning

Dental Hygiene and Systemic Health

In recent years, a substantial body of research has found a conclusive link between dental hygiene and overall health. It is now widely accepted that oral health issues such as gum disease can cause systemic infections and affect or contribute to larger issues including:

Your mouth is teeming with bacteria. A daily dental hygiene routine complete with brushing after every meal and flossing at least once is a good way to maintain overall health, but only through professional cleanings can your mouth and body be kept their absolute healthiest.

Maintaining Your Health

Dr. Maya Dental Center uses laser therapy to both reduce bacteria and close the pockets in which they hide. Having laser therapy performed during your regular office visits can help decrease the number of harmful bacteria and allows your body to improve its natural healing ability resulting in a decreased risk for systemic problems.

We remain devoted to the health of your entire family and take every precaution to help you maintain a beautiful smile and healthy body.

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