Dental Implants

3D CT scan-assisted dental implants in Dubai

If you have lost a tooth and would like to have it replaced, modern dentistry offers one of the finest ways to rejuvenate and revive your smile – a dental implant. Essentially, an implant replicates the appearance and function of a natural tooth in order to replace a decaying, damaged, or lost tooth. For world-class implants, there is one name you can always depend on – Dr Maya Dental Center.

Dental Implants

What can you expect from our dental implants in Dubai?

An implant, further known as an endosseous fixture, which is surgically fixed on to the bone of the jaw or the skull to support a prosthetic component.

There are two components that make up the structure of an implant: the root and the crown. The application of an implant composes two stages. The first stage is the placement of the root in the bone of jaw. After the root has been properly placed, the bone is allowed to heal over the root to establish a strong foundation. After this, the crown will be placed securely on top of the root.

Advanced 3D dental imaging technology

Advanced 3D dental imaging technology for pinpoint placement of implants

At our Motor City clinic, we make use of cutting-edge medical technology in order to provide the best results. Using focussed cone beams, our 3-D x-ray machine will scan your head and jaw. This allows us to produce a complete 3-dimensional 360-degree view of the skull and jawbone, which we will use to determine the approach for the implant placement. Surgical guides are used, if required, for further accuracy in implant placement.
A professional team of Dubai dental specialists and experts working in-house

The in-house staff working here at our Motor City facility is led by Dr. Maya, an expert in all procedures and technology concerning dental implants. With our expertise and experience, we will help you achieve natural-looking, aesthetically appealing implants in the most painless way possible.

Here at Dr Maya Dental Center, we are passionate about helping people look and feel their best and do what we can to help them get the treatment they need, including affordable payment plans. Contact our clinic in Dubai today and find out more.

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